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Hack Features

What features?

This hack is different than the other tools you see online. First of all, this thing actually works. There are a lot of scammy MSP hacks out there that promise you free stuff. But when you check your account, you end up with nothing. Here at MSPHM, we strive to bring the best features and a gaurantee that you will walk away with a boost in starcoins and diamonds. We also allow you to enable VIP for any given amount of time.
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How To Hack?

  • 1

    Click 'Online Hack' button

    You will arrive at the hack. Here is where the magic happens.

  • 2

    Type your username and click verify

    First type your username so the hack knows which account to upgrade! This also makes sure your account is real.

  • 3

    Select the amount of resources you want

    For each resource you get three options. Click the box to select that number of starcoins, diamonds, and VIP status length. If you want more just run the hack again.

  • 4

    Click 'Run Hack'

    This will begin the hacking process. Please be patient while we generate the necessary files to send to the MSP servers.

  • 5

    Complete human verification

    Sometimes you might have to complete the human verification module. This allows us to weed out the bots that spam our servers. You verify yourself as human through a quick survey. No spam will come of these surveys. Make sure to use a proper email because you might have to verify it.

  • 6

    Verify the hack worked

    Finally, log into your moviestarplanet account and confirm that you received the starcoins, diamonds, and VIP months. When we tested this, we got a 75% success rate out of 500 attempts. If it doesn't work, give it one more try. But chances are it worked.

Online Tool


  • Q. What is moviestarplanethackmasters?

    A. This website is the official home of the MSPHM tool. We supply the public with a free solution to get unlimited resources in MSP. We ask for nothing but a simple survey to be filled out. Our tool is better than all of our competitors because it actually works.

  • Q. Will I get a virus or will my account get hacked?

    A. This is not a virus. First of all you don't download anything. The hack is 100% in the browser. Also, it is impossible for anyone to hack your account without a password. We don't require you to entire your password. Therefore you are safe.

  • Q. What are the specifics about this cheat script? How does it really work?

    A. This hack works by brute forcing the moviestarplanet servers with bogus data until the data is accepted. This method is very common in game hacking, especially for browser and mobile based games. Technically, we use software on our servers called wireshark to interpret and edit the packets on the fly. For example, we will send a request with the generated amount of starcoins and diamonds about 100 times a second, and the msp servers will eventually send a 200 (OK) request back, meaning that it worked.

  • Q. ill the forms and surveys give me spam?

    A. No they won't. We work with our affiliates very closely and we make sure that they don't do anything shady. All they will do is send you a confimration email when you need to verify your information. With that said, make sure you use a valid email so you can confirm it or the hack won't work.


Everything works as advertised. Good work MSPHMs team!

MovieStarPlanet Hack Review

First time didn't work, but then I ran it again and got double the amount.

MovieStarPlanet Hack Review

Saved me about 50 dollars so far. thanks.

MovieStarPlanet Hack Review

I've used this hack 10 times already. No issues so far. Thanks!

MovieStarPlanet Hack Review


Hack Tool History

In early 2015, myself (sk8boi) and a close friend (danberry) started brand new accounts on moviestarplanet. The game was new to us, and in a matter of no time we fell in love with it. We are both programmers so after playing the game for a few months, we wanted to level up and get resources for free. Danberry and I have hacked many other online games in the past, so we knew this wouldn't be too tough. We were wrong.

The MSP Servers are very hard to exploit. It took us a good 4 months to decrypt the private key used in the TCP packets. It took us another month to reverse engineer a private server to learn the function hooks on. After that though, it was smooth sailing. We used the hack privately for a few months. We don't play the game as much anymore and we thought it would be nice to share our tool with the public. We created a web based version of it and are hosting it on our private dedicated servers.

To get your free starcoins, diamonds, and vip status, click the 'Start Hacking' button below!

About the game

If you haven't played MSP before, then why are you here? Hah! Just kidding. But seriously, you need to play it. Here's a little breakdown on the game:

Moviestar planet is a browser based role playing game that is intended for ages 8-16. It is a safe a fun game that involves earning fame and coins to to buy different costumes, animations, and backdrop for movies. You can chat and compete in games with other players, and also create movies to show to everyone. I gotta say the creating movies part is the coolest aspect of the game. You can show off your purchases by making movies with your character. If you use the hack, you can make some pretty amazing movies because of this.

Check out the official website here: and register an account to start playing. It's fun and it's free! Especially our moviestarplanet hack.

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